A-1 Remodeling & Building, Inc. guarantees it will repair or replace, at it’s option, A-1’s services, products, assembly and installation, which was defective at the time of construction in materials or workmanship for two years at no cost to the owner. This guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:


This guarantee is offered only to the original homeowner and may not be assigned or transferred.


A-1 Remodeling & Building, Inc. is not liable for natural weathering, incidental or consequential damages caused by misuse or neglect, normal wear and tear, or acts of nature including, but not limited to: fire, flood or natural occurrences.


All workmanship is defined by quality of the standards of the industry, in compliance with locally approved, applicable building and related codes. If any conflict arises between these standards and applicable requirements of locally approved codes, the code requirements shall supersede the standards. The guarantee of quality standards of workmanship apply only to new work as specified in the contract document for the project.


Products manufactured by others shall be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Services, assemblies and installations supplied by others shall be covered by their warranties.


This guarantee does not apply to designs, plans, existing code violations, amendments or future government requirements or workmanship supplied by owner or work outside the scope of this particular project.

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